What is Tripindi Shraddha?

Tripindi means Pind daan of our ancestors of past 3 generations. If anybody in the family from the past 3 generations has passed away in very young age or old age then those souls cause trouble to us. To let the souls free one has to perform Tripindi Shraddha.

Why to perform Tripindi Shraddha?

Usually when a middle age or old age human being passes away we then perform his pind daan, shraddha and all other rituals. But if a young child or youth passes away not all the rituals are performed. This causes their souls to be in a viscious bondage and it in turn causes touble to us. And hence Tripindi Shraddha has to be performed to set these souls free and attain their path to the heavens.

Benifits of performing Tripindi Shraddha

Tripindi Shraddha is performed so that the souls of dead attain the path of salvation. By performing this pooja the family gets the blessings of the ancestors. The main advantage of this pooja is that it brings happiness and peace to the family. Family members stay disease fre and healthy. It also brings wealth to the family. This pooja also brings the fortune of good marriage proposals and yog. Nobody in the family dies in the young age. This pooja brings progress in your professional life. People who perform Tripindi Shraddha get respect in all the 3 worlds. And one gets salvation after his death if he has performed this pooja for his ancestors.