Narayan Nagbali pooja in trimbakeshwar is performed to get rid of the pitru dosh or the pitru shrap from our ancestors and to get rid from any dosh occurred due to killing of snakes. Naryan bali puja should be performed for people who die unnaturally like suicides, drinking poison, accidents or any sudden death. When someone dies in such a way their sou wont attain moksha so they will keep troubling their progeny and give different troubles, By performing this puja their soul gets moksha and they give blessings to their coming generations. Narayan bali nagbali pooja is performed to get rid of problems coming in once married life, delay in child birth, business problems and all other curses.

What is Narayan Nagbali Pooja Vidhi ?

This puja is performed for 3 days. The devotees should take bath in the holy pond Kushavarta and decide to give dashdaan . After offering prayers at the Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple, go to the allotted place for performing Narayan Nagbali. This pooja is similar to a funeral wherein an artificial body of wheat flour is made . By use of Mantra chantings, souls that have desires remaining in this world are invoked. With the rituals, they are able to possess the body made using wheat flour and the funeral liberates them to the other world.

When to Perform Narayan Nagbali Pooja ?

Narayan nagbali pooja trimbakeshwar can be performed on amavasya , sasti tithi, and other good dates based on the good nakshatra and tithi.

Benifits of performing Narayan Nagbali Pooja

By performing Narayan Nagbali one helps the known and unknown ancestors of past 7 generations to attain salvation. By this we get belssings of our ancestors. This pooja also helps in new child birth. The pooja also helps in good progress of the professional life. Usually a man does everything possible for his family but at times forgets to perform the rituals like Pind dan or Shraddha. This pooja helps the souls of our ancestors to attain salvation and hence the half done work by us is completed through this pooja. More than the Chaardhaam yaatra Pitruseva(service to the elders and ancestors) is more important. This is accomplished by performing Naryan nagbali. One who helps his ancestors to attain salvation, get salvation for himself after his death.